First things first…

What is xiioiv?

“xiioiv is an extreme obscuring of my own initials R.D.S.”

Why would I do something like this?

“It came out of a bored day of mischief over coffee, and lots of it. I also enjoy maintaining a certain level of anonymity.”

xiioiv has been active in the local Red Deer fine art scene since 2007 and has had shows and displays in numerous locations within the city. Some of the locations include The Velvet Olive, Gallery IS, Wall 2 Wall Gallery and Bilton Centre for Contemporary Art.

Constantly attempting to redefine himself has led to many new pieces and a consistently upgraded portfolio.

Currently working as a professional designer in a freelance capacity. Specialized in doing vector design work he creates many of his designs in a CAD environment.

The portrait on this page depicts one such vector design.

“I love computers, I’m a true technophile. When new technology comes out or new software comes out, I need to try it. This led me at an early age to some fairly advanced design software. Over the years my love for art and technology lead me into the design field. I would be lying if my painting style was not effected by my time in the graphic design field.”
– xiioiv